I listen to your sad memories at the diner in Asakusa
I looked at the photos from your trip at the café in Kagurazaka

On the first day of the rainy season
On the slightly cloudy day
In the beginning of hydrangeas and the end of roses

I listen to the story about your grandpa on the top of the cliff at Enoshima
I listen to the names of light and cloud under the clif at Enoshima

I saw the lights of the town and apple fields in the end of the summer
Standing next to you

I listen to the story about your elementary school in Higashi- Kōenji
Sad stories and happy stories
Looking into the far distance

I saw you on the birthday of Jesus in Shimokitazawa
I felt I’m okay
I better no worry

My eyes listening to your memories were
Always looking into the far distance
And we are meeting there

We were meeting there
We were meeting there

from the 3rd album「Now and Again Forever」
(written and composed in 2011)