I’m humming BLANKEY unconsciously deep in the forest in the end of May
Let’s stop traveling and put up a tent before the sunset since the headlight of the motorcycle doesn’t light

When I heard the sad story
Moreover if it expected that and has been broken
I unscrew with a ten yen coin and fix it with the pair of pliers inside of the box

The continuous sunny days make me almost forget about the rain
But let’s feel it and decide if I go to the next town or stay in this town

I’m humming BLANKEY unconsciously
It reminded me of something and I forgot the lyrics
I forgot a part of the hook but it still lets me drive at full speed in the morning

We forget that we are getting older everyday
But let’s feel it and decide if we go to another place or stay as we are

In the dead of night when the wind blows strongly and only stars are not swept away
Let’s feel it and decide if we sit down here or go ahead

I’m humming BLANKEY unconsciously on a journey through the forest in the end of May
I also forgot the title but it still lets us drive at full speed

from the 6th album「Acoustic」
(written and composed in 2008)