Your hair is waving in the wind of the onion field
I’m taking you home through the country road by bicycle
Your butt is trembling on the bike as you are pedaling while standing up
My heart is also trembling
The rubbing trace on your skirt

The towel around the neck of the older man on the tractor
Swirling and funny
The shape of the white cloud
A short break with the older lady under the rusty red roof
The box of onions
The way the treasure box shines

You are pedaling forward with your big heart which is too large to hold with the summer sky
I’m looking at your fragile smile
The paddle under my bike is as deep as the sky

An empty can of Coca Cola and a clear glass bottle
Romantic garbage makes us look see-through
What we remember will be such little words
A crown cap of a pop bottle and an abandoned porn magazine

When we get closer to the house and the sun is about to set
A cold wind lets you know there are stars in the sky
I can see the tail of summer
The butts of you and summer look alike so much that it might be hard to distinguish them for me

from the 2nd album「I Love You」
(written and composed in 2001)