Human disappeared and cats also
It will be the city of ruins very soon

Leave the rusty utility poles as they are
For 50 years or 1000 years

Even if photographers come
To take photos of the city of ruins for photo books

Even if university students come
To test their courage by a new car

Please leave it as it is
There is no totem pole though

Although there is no triceratops
There is a bicycle of an old man

Broken tiles of a bathhouse have been left as they are
And they are getting mixed into pebbles

I hate museums
Clean clothes with a broken spell

Please stay as you are
Rust away as much as people don’t take notice

They are same as cosmetic surgeons
Scholars at excavation sites

Please leave it as it is
There is no myth or wall painting though

There are graffiti on a public phone
And a jacket of an old guy

from the 6th album「Acoustic」
(written and composed in 2007)