A stream of cars was what I was looking at when I was sitting on the sidewalk
Feeling a little tipsy
I input colors of cars one by one into my eyes carefully

When I input the 2000th one
What was completed was a color of greenish blue
It looked like a green light for me
I go

To where?
Somewhere other than here
That somewhere will turn into here soon
So I’m here always
Yeah true
The North of the North

Not the north-northwest nor the north-northeast
My beloved North of the North
My words are snow
I’m happy if they can dissolve in water on your face

I’ll stay here like this
Just like you were here just now
The winter was here until just now
I’ll stay at the North like this
Just like you love me
I love myself too

I’m fanning to move the air
It reminded me about 22 times of summer
Seasons keep crouching like vagabonds in this new city

I’m in Tokyo
Was in Sapporo
And wanna go to Alaska
Where is Okinawa
I looked up in Tsukigata and saw in Iwamizawa
Where I met you at was the sea in the deep of night

The new breeze blows against my body and the city one half of each equally
Having a chat with you who don’t know that made me want to die immediately

The weather forecast in the morning said it will be rain only in the unknown southern town
I hope you will look into what I thought at that time

I’ll stay here like this
Just like you left
The winter left also
I’ll stay at the North like this
Just like you hate me
I hate myself too

The eyes gazing at the North look away over the North and go around the globe
I don’t like even stars are above us

Anytime is okay
Now is also fine if necessary
I hope I can compose my song of the moment when the winter of the North ends

La la la…

from the 2nd album「I Love You」
(written and composed in 2005)