That supermarket is a major chain and it will not shut down
But I’ll never go there for shopping because MOON PALACE has gone
Good-bye, the supermarket and MOON PALACE

Their parking lot was a part of the one of Hokko Hospital across the street
It brings me back of memories of winter, white breath, exhaust gas and traffic
Good-bye the parking lot and MOON PALACE

We blocked light coming through the window to make the night longer but the dawn broke
The morning sun made us shy
I put my hand I waved to say good-bye into my pocket quickly
Good-bye the long night and MOON PALACE

No matter whether I went there every night or just once in a while
The clock worked only on the night I came
Stopping, putting forward and turning back
The time was in my hands

But the clock just keeps working since MOON PALACE has gone
No matter when or where I am, and even now, the clock keeps striking the next second
Good-bye my past self and MOON PALACE

from the 4th album「Bluesman」
(written and composed in 2008)