He suddenly told me
“Please live your life without any regret as the world is ending”

“Even if the world were to end
I would have nothing to end
So I’m okay”

I answered so
And if anything
The guy looked happy with it

Strange guy
We could never end even if the world were ending

No matter if we died or survived
We could never end

The guy felt better and asked me
“What is the definition of Jazz for you?”

“The feeling the iron wires of the blue wired fence besides the sidewalk you can see from the window on the left side along the run from Kuji Station to Tsudayama Station on JR Nambu Line keep sticking into my brain at the speed of a local train is the sound of my alto saxophone”

I answered so and the guy disappeared into the city with evident satisfaction

Hey guy
I hope you will win the love of someone
You should dress up a bit more and choose the topic of the conversation

I can meet that girl today
And just because of that
It’s like the 1st album of THE BLUE HEARTS

from the 2nd album「I Love You」
(written and composed in 2012)