Rain cloud came from the south hasn’t passed over yet
There is nothing in your room in just the middle of move

I’m waiting a gas man still not coming
Looking at the power line continuing for miles and the train running in the rainy night outside of the window
And I thought I want to name the night like this

It’s a little long but I named it as follows

“I think human is who pass
Sorrow from someone as it is
Hate from someone as it is
Happiness from someone as it is
Love from someone as it is
To the next person
But my friend cannot do so and was diagnosed with illness by a doctor
So that the nation provide tens of thousands yen
But not becoming human nor a sick man
And not passing sorrow, hate, happiness and love to anyone
An angel sings songs
So that a singer should be an angel”
I’ll name it so

from the 3rd album「Now and Again Forever」
(written and composed in 2011)