We sing when we have a gathering under colorful lightings
When do we have a gathering under bright fluorescent light?

It’s your funeral day at the venue near your house today
I had never been to the place where there is your guitar without you

Les Paul Junior, Jazz Chorus
Disks of Johnny Thunders, Ramones and RC Succession

All carried out from your room

Shinkotoni-like houses are standing in a row
Being lit up with sunset glow
With black shadows, darker black clothes and even darker black night

Too much cigarette smoke we make is rising up to the sky
The smoke will be a cloud and it will start raining in the early morning tomorrow

Tom and Jelly, Draft One
Your father and mother

Someone who lived with you

There are people I know and I don’t know chatting various topics
An angry one, a crying one and a smiling one
All being conscious of you

Let’s talk about the future and past in the same way
You will be a part of me if I forget about you in the rain

Round shouldered, hammered, rock ‘n’ roll
Bad rumors, kind to me

I was kind to you too, right?
You were kind to me, right?

from the 4th album「Bluesman」
(written and composed in 2009)