It is said that there are people who cannot rest in peace because of the regret in this world they have
On the streets and mountains
In buildings
Here and there

I chanted a Buddhist prayer and offered flowers and fruits
But it seems like it’s still there though I cannot see it

My girlfriend is sleeping on the couch with the room light on
People who die hard like you will be ghosts

Although proper funerals are held or people offer them incense sticks
People who can see them say there are heaps of them

Are they expecting any more good happenings here?
They cannot sleep in a coffin
They never sleep under the graveyard

My girlfriend hasn’t got into the bed and she is taking a nap in the living room
People who die hard like you will be ghosts

Can you go to bed?
I want to sit on the couch
Go to the bedroom
I cannot help feeling annoyed

from the 3rd album「Now and Again Forever」
(written and composed in 2008)